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The purpose of this blog is to explore game engineering from the inside out. It is worth pointing out that gamer, game engineers, and casual players can benefit from the experiences of a friendly developer who might just be entertaining.

Recently I released version 1 of Ghost Game through 436 Media Inc. This was my first attempt at designing a 2D Mobile Game. The process started out in June 0f 2016. I found it necessary to research and study C++, Swift, Java, and HTML in order to start the project. After downloading XCode, Unity, Unreal, and Android Studio I realized that I would need a brief conversation with Einstein before embarking on the mission.

At first it was strange to jump back and forth between platforms, but I had to figure out the code. After a crash course in Discrete Math my improvements started to show 60 days later. It was at this time my mind needed to access some book reference from the library which included 10 text books on coding for mobile games.

In order to update my knowledge I turned to online APIs, C programming.com, Udacity, Git Hub, YouTube, Full Sail, and Code Academy. The coding mystery started clearing by September 2016. Classes, Methods, Strings, Ints, and Variables became part of my new language. I was communicating with AI. Clearly after 80 hours of study the assets files, raw files, the App folder, the Java folder, and the platform interface became comfortable to work with.

After 4 system failures, 24 updates and 112 coding exercises the 2D game image appeared from the drawable file. I saw the background image in the simulator. My confidence level exploded. I knew I could finish this project. I connected an android device the image was great. Next I had to program the game logic.

I had to keep learning and pushing forward. November 12th 2016 @ 7:00am the Mobile game came to life. This coding project pushed my imagination beyond the limit. Once I played the game on my Android device the feeling of deep relaxation took over my mind. My concentration ability tripled.

This game is a product of self-determination, and the will to succeed. I feel like a computer scientist.   THE GHOST GAME

Try it out!




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Digital Marketing enhanced by Nielsen Ratings:

The purpose of this review is to report the findings from a recent Nielsen rating experiment in which Twitter was the center of attention.

Brian Steler’s Article released by the New York Times is intended to alert the entertainment industry to the possible uses of the Twitter platform for target marketing. The article is developed around Twitter messaging and the definition of the “Unique Audience” who view Twitter post.

This article gives insight in to the continued development of new ways to measure consumer behavior on the web. The control group in this case is the user with an active Twitter account. The question is how many viewers who watched the season premiere of “Gray’s Anatomy” last month were influenced by Twitter post? Nielsen believes that Twitter data can be used to determine how popular a TV Broadcast event is by looking at the Twitter messages.

By labeling the Twitter user as a “Unique Audience” based on posts and the actual reach provided by the post is not fully understood. The reliability of the data will determine the credibility of the Nielsen measuring process. There has been previous research that has found that “Twitter activity sometimes spurs viewership”.

Social Guide is a new product which will be used to evaluate Twitter data used for marketing. There is some skepticism surrounding the use of Twitter massages for TV ratings. “Ed Keller”, CEO of the Keller Fay Group believes that word of mouth is still the best way to market.

I have a positive opinion concerning this article. When the data collection process is perfected Nielsen the industry will have a powerful tool for online marketers in the entertainment business. Of course social media is the modern gateway for success in marketing products. With the internet expanding and advancing software daily around the World, Twitter is the leader in social media messaging. Why not use this tool to gauge the rise of a hit TV show or Artist?

The future of marketing will continue to evolve with help from Nielsen. How we use this new data collection tool is just starting to formulate in the mind of the entertainment business leaders.

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So what is the deal with the 360 Deal being pushed around the entertainment industry? Is this a sign of digital progress or just another mess?

Heather McDonald has written an article for the About.com Music Careers listing which discusses the issues surrounding this progressive new contract between Record Labels and Artist in this digital age.

The 360 is a contract which allows Records Labels to grab revenue from concerts, merchandise, endorsement deals, ringtones, downloads, streams, CD sales, radio, film Licensing and just about anything else that might come to light in the future. The Records Labels are gold mining because it is a digital gold rush. Well, the recoup must also be included to make it fair and square right?

Being an Artist and a Label; my opinion is based on the fact that the Digital Rights era is here to stay. Artist and Labels will have to work together to make this 360 Degree Deal sweet for all parties involved. We must all take a good look at it and see the advantage. The Record Labels must work 24/7 for each Artist on the roster in order to keep the Artist in the spotlight. There is enough digital income to go around equally. However, there must be a balance within the deal. The Artist deserves to be seen and heard. Also, the Artist must be paid for working 24/7. Look at it this way, we are all in entertainment because we Love It. With 7 billion people on the planet; the 360 Deal can encompass the World. We are Global Entertainers, the show must go on .

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Friday, November 20, 2015



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I spent some quality time with Chris Anderson this weekend.The TED Talk was titled “ How Web Videos in powers Global innovation”. The talk proved that the need to express ideas and converse over thousands of miles is a necessary activity in our current society. The technology is available and included with smartphones, iPad, lap top computers and desktop systems; I am talking about web video recording.

Entertainment is at our fingertips we can reach out to the World and express our selves. It does not take much effort to share a personal video with the online community. Music, dance, art, science, stories or just a conversation about a new idea is just great to share with an audience that is growing daily by the thousands.

Chris Anderson discusses how the smallest events in a person’s life can uplift a whole community with just a short video. It is as if we are all teachers of the World using video as the classroom. Innovation is moving the world to interact together with video. It brings tears to my eyes to watch people expressing themselves from remote parts of our World where life is quite different from where I reside. It is extremely important to pay close attention to the video revolution.

I was so inspired by Chris Anderson that I watched a TED Talk with Bobby McFerrin. I have to admit that I have to step up my game plan and get with this global video entertainment revolution before I get left out of the loop. The video platform is a gateway to growing an audience in entertainment. Giving a video to the global community is free. It took a TED Talk to get my attention. I cannot over look the possibilities that are being presented at this very moment in my mind. Online web video entertainment is here to stay. Publishing media with todays technology.

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Friday, November 20, 2015


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While contemplating the future of entertainment I discovered that the local Indy Film producer needs to network with the local Indy Music producer in order to stream line the licensing process. This can be done with the assistance of a local publisher who understands intellectual property . This can also be achieved by networking with an open mind and understanding that working together as a team will help to achieve the creative goals of both artistic innovators. So,what is the publishers Job?

The publisher’s job is to over see the smooth transition of licensing rights between the film company and the music producer.The publisher must clear the music rights before the composition is excepted for logging. This means that the person who created the music/lyrics, will receive proper credit for the title if it is used in the film.

It is also the publisher’s job to explain the licensing process to all parties involved with the project. Of course this process can get tangled with information that is quit boring to the novice. However, the rules must be followed in order to keep infringement under control.

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A&R Executive Searching for the Next Hot Artist With a Hit Mix Tape

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It was Saturday October 26th,2013 I got a lead on a Talent Showcasebeing held in Central Florida. I got excited packed up the laptop grabbed my hunting cap,jumped into my black pickup. Heading west on  Hwy.50 destination Wendy’s parking lot on Hwy 436. It is an open air jam which turned out to be a jamming live concert with eleven talented Artist looking for a hard earned break. Well I represented Mac Audio and I was met with a warm welcome. This is a major step in building my artist network.


The first person I met turned out to be the person who posted the lead on a community board. RJ and J.Hilton of SAY It AUDIO  pulled this massive event together in Wendy’s parking lot. I was granted full access and I used my time wisely. After the sound check I spoke with an Artist/writer know as

 SNAP  GANG . This hard working Artist has a smooth voice,natural lyrics great personality and is a marketable brand in Hip Hop. He is willing to keep working hard because it is a labor of love. Between sets I spent some quality time with DJ David THE MASTER,He turned the set out with samples from his own recorded mixes and pleased the audience. Next Marcel Tega . 

A star studded smooth Rap/Hip Hop/Writer who is a Film student he performed. His laid Back approach matches is cool lyrics and original sound. A band walked up and said they would like to perform. These guys are seniors in high school, EDEN they picked up the instruments, played three songs and rocked the lot.

They were just passing by heading up the street to a night club to gig.Sounds like a movie pitch, I was impressed,Yes they will be back every two weeks to support the production. I paid close attention to the House Band

To my surprise they did not know each other. This trio just started jamming , they stayed and backed up who ever needed a rhythm section. They jelled together like a family. Dillon A solo folk /Punk rocker with hard core lyrics stepped to the mic and plowed through six tracks which I must admit, he is on track for full production development. There were three spoken word acts which held the attention of the audience between acts which were noted in my log. A rocker from UCF pulled up jumped out of his car with two other members ,Shane, Chris, and female drummer jumped on the set and blazed through six tracks taken from their CD which hits the market in December 2013. Alexx Castro is a talented musician/ producer who played three instruments and performed this original tracks to perfection, this artist loves his work. The Artist Purple Kloud  stood out with his acoustic punk rock/rap style, his lyrics are dynamic and fresh. His personal appearance is  electric and industry ready. A DJ from the south pacific islands of Hawaii performed a great old school mix.


It was a great performance, all of the Artists and stage crew worked hard and well together. It was a pleasure to scout for Mac Audio and come back with the gold. Lastly I have to give thanks to RJ and his partner for working with ED Mac Audio A&R Exec. to make this project a success and we will be working together to present a full mix tape including all of the Raw talent in the near future, this is a business effort.