“SEE” on APPLE TV, Review by ED MacAudio (c) 2021

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It is not a crime to experience effervescent sensations while enjoying life and celebrating your birth on a warm Sunday afternoon. Alas, the overwhelming ring of the cell phone shatters the peace, it’s my daughter with a cry of urgency; “Dad, watch “SEE” on Apple TV you’ll love”. Click! What about a hello or, a happy b-day? I thought in silence.

Not knowing what to expect from this strange epic adventure my imagination ran wild trying to setup a prelude, to no avail. Consequently, I pondered, what does it mean to fight for your family under the tremendous odds of death?

Perhaps you could take a moment, get comfortable, and imagine with me, an obscure planet where the people within the society’s structure are born without sight. Hearing is keener than the wild deer, smell is developed beyond the wolf’s ability, touch is the corner stone of communication and the window to a dark reality. In this strange world, sight as we know it is useless.

Suddenly, sheltered in the shroud of the darkened woodland, children are being born with vision and hunted as witches by the contumelious, throat slashing Witchfinder General.   Nevertheless, it is time for hot buttered popcorn, and gummies served with a tall, cold, drink. Please excuse me while I setup the snack tray to spy this bit of screen poetry.

Apple put a substantial investment into this project and has produced a gem which exceeds performance goals. With all things considered, Jason Momoa is the headliner in this production exhuming a specular performance which is worth his weight in gold and an Emmy.

Generally, Baba Voss is supporting his family under tremendous odds of sudden death. Although he will not comply or resign to defeat, Jason Momoa is a long way from riding the tides to glory in  Aquaman. Affixed on the passion of his loving wife, Hera Hilmar this caressing couple is the example of family leadership in the dawn of battlements.

If you are looking for a pleasing episodic adventure made for TV, “SEE” will provide an emotional purging experience with moral choices, and probable action sequences propelled to please.

Despite my need for a quite weekend, I ventured into a world created by Steven Knight  not knowing that I would beige on the first season and beg for the second. I scampered through the eight episodes of the first season, dashed to review the material again to uncork the truth. I wondered, could this be Earth in a far-off future? If so, we could learn from this serious, unhinged presentation.

Moreover, the plot has a sequence of events which support the tragedy with artistic craftmanship.  Consequently, I had to ask myself, is blood thicker than sight? You must see for yourself to find the answer.

One of the exemplary characteristics of this work of art is the setting. The action takes place in the ruins of a pulverized society, amplified by cold rock, must and mildew. Large wild animals skittering over the crumbling buildings with battements and blast marks of past wars. Dusty surfaces and wind slipping through openings in the living quarters dominates the view. Trees creaking in the breeze as the dull sun lite cast shadows of gloom creating an air of doom.

Finally, the supporting characters were chosen with care. Each interaction embraces the central question and helps to propel the plot forward with a powerful chemistry. Aristotle would have embraced this episodic adventure with pleasure because it is truly Poetic. I do not want to give away too much, but this production will shed light on the overuse of sight.

Inclusion, relaxing at home and enjoying an adventure on the big screen has proven to be an amazing gift from my wonderful daughter. I would have not known about the blessing of “SEE” if it were not for her glorious insight.

Thank you for being there, till next time.

ED MacAudio


Justice League (2021) Review, By Ed MacAudio (c) 2021

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Bustling with excitement, my second favorite action-adventure team creeps from the shadows of death, and disorganization to fight on uneven ground only to be irritated by the vigorous power of Ciaran Hinds (Steppenwolf). Although Disney has grabbed Marvel; Warner Brothers, and Director Zack Snyder have opened the way for DC to take Sci-Fi Adventure – Fantasy into a blazing new dimension.

Even as I look back on my old, dusty copies of half read DC comic books, I feel heat from the cover art curling the hair tingling on my back. Feasting my eyes on the hues, and shades of darkness which have come alive on the big screen as Justice League 2021 , I know something deadly is coming. The echoes of past DC discoveries amplifies my breathing as I nestle in this robust, soft chair.

Are you ready for this? Wait, stock up three boxes of piping hot popcorn, gummies, a big drink, and join me for a trip to my world of big screen entertainment and madness.  let’s jump right in. Specifically, the adventure held my impenetrable attention for a whopping, 242 minutes. Nevertheless, my mind did not waver from the task.

Emerging from the depths of impenetrable darkness, and throbbing pain, a team of befuddled heroes struggles to keep the world of Gotham City alive. After a brief view of a mangled past, Ben Affleck (Batman) arises to the task of climbing high stakes, and piles of broken ice to locate the narrow walkways where Jason Momoa (Aquaman) resides, with a lost interest in humanity, confined by a flock young women, Aquaman cannot vacate his latest love. In need of help, to no avail, Bruce Wayne obsesses; wanting the situation to be resolved.

I must apologize, you need to see for your self these twisted disciples of mayhem who have returned to give evil a run for the money.

From the start of chapter one, the glum, despair and smell of rotten wormwood filled the darkened horizon.  Suddenly, the gorgeous, stylish, radiant Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) sets the tone of hope by delivering a fantastic, breath-taking beating to a crooked, faded crew of outcast without breaking a sweat.

Chapters 2 and 3 allowed my imitation to take a trip into the snazzy world of Amazonian Super Women. Needless to say, I would love to visit Amazonia in person. Gazing off at nothing, it took a moment to unwrap my attention from those well-balanced goddesses lead by the lovely Connie Nielsen (Queen Hippolyta). After getting my grip, it became clear; the writers Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, Zack Snyder, Chris Terrio, Gardner Fox, Bob Kane, Bill Finger, William Moulton, and Will Beall brainstormed a multitude of ideas which produced a monstrous, big screen event engineered to put a face on the forgotten marble stone monuments of the past. Great story weaving!

Although, I truly admired the power goddesses; Ray Fisher (Cyborg) performed, and put a freshness to the role of a half human machine who becomes a sophisticated, loving, integral player in saving the world. Basically, the android dude is a shocking, perfect fit for Justice League 2021.

Of course, Ezra Miller (The Flash) is someone who has a fiery passion for speed. This amazing high-voltage hero has an appetite for well groomed ladies in destress, finds his freedom beyond the speed of light; he could probably outrun the Starship Enterprise just for love.

Moving along, restless over a failed past, hailing from the abandoned, cobwedded corridors of time; the villain (Steppenwolf), and his band of bloody, careless killers test their resolve against the fabulous Justice League with tremendous effort.

Grappling with time, the unyielding engineering skills of Jeremy Irons could not hold back the impending doom. With a whispery voice, and elevated heartbeat he points the way to gloom. Given the importance of the cycles of life, is it possible to fix a broken superhero? Here is what I am talking about.

Henry Cavill (Superman) needs to evolve. Darkness resides in everyone. No chicken clucking or, cows lowing, Superman has abandoned his farm and the world of the living. Naturally, it would take a power greater than death to give Clark Kent a chance to redeem himself. Superman’s return is hard-and-fast.

Tenderly, choked up with the lonesome grief of lost love Amy Adams (Lois Lane) has the power to unmask the lost soul of Clark Kent.

Allow me to point out, Patrick Tatopoulos created a production design which embraces the welcomed return of a tarnished superhero. From crumbling soil to dying crops, the tarnished, old farmhouse stands erect in the shadow of Gotham City.

Fabian Wagner pushed the limits with superb cinematography which captured the darkness of a dying world. The visuals are superb dishes for the eyes to taste.

Given the importance of music, Junkie XL fashioned a music bed with tight emotional timbers designed for the grimness of evolution. Needless to say, everything works in this superbly edited screenplay including the CGI.

And finally, pulverizing my empty boxes of popcorn, the gummies are left to give my jaws a workout while pulling the stuck corn from between my chipped teeth.

Alas, chapters 4 and 5 bring new hope to the never-ending story of evil. Anticipating success, the amazing team of superheroes organize a plan to put an end to the relentless terror dealers from the hollows of hell.

To conclude, chapter 6 guts out the horde of demons, and sparks a little light on what to expect in the future from the Justice League. After scooping out of my seat, I found my way to the beginning of a new life adventure.

Try this idea, welcome to Gotham City, where the darkness does not cower or cringe to the light. Nevertheless, you must see this screenplay to experience the healing power light.

Thanks for reading, till next time. Stay safe.

ED MacAudio, the tireless writer.

MOVING IN ZEN TV Series Bible Preview

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WGAE Reg# 1338875 (C)2020

Moving in Zen,  TV Series Bible,  Preview    Adventure Drama, by E.M.M.

LOGLINE: Chen Young Multi Talented, martial arts, returns home after being trained outside of the community, struggles to follow the rules of the dojo; while defending his friends amidst the crime-ridden streets. To beat death, he must confront the demon of time to save his own life. 


Chen Young is a peaceful, respectful, intelligent, martial artist who loves life. No matter what evil confronts him, he maintains his self-control while on the streets. After taking the oath of peace upon entering the dojo, Chen realizes that the community is an arena designed to test his moral standards. Chen is a survivor however, when faced with the daily destruction of his community Chen uses his powers in defense, and returns to the dojo to meditate with the Grand Master daily on finding another way. The Grand Master reminds Chen that music can “sooth the savage beast”, and sports builds character. Chen acknowledges, and decides to find a way by developing a sports team by day, and building a successful band one member at a time by night. Location: Inner City, present day.

Chen took an oath to maintain his self-control under all circumstances in life. He is not going to break the oath, he respects the philosophy of the dojo. Therefore, he will use all of his efforts to bring peace by guiding his friends at all cost. Perhaps, the challenges that Chen faces are driven by his will to find a way to solve problems without the using violence.

Chen slowly grows to realize that physical fitness is a process that can build character and correct bad habits. Moreover, Chen also must figure out how to build a band.

The community center is the place where teenagers hang out and communicate with each other. This sanctuary provides a computer café, fitness club, dance stage, football field, and a baseball diamond. It is also a haven for drugs, and gang recruitment.

This episodic TV series drama follows Chen as he comes closer to cleaning the crime out of his community by facing the treat. He uses his martial skills, and his brain to save his friends from imminent danger. He transforms his friend’s attitudes about life one by one. Chen must face demon in order to strengthen his spirit.

Each week Chen will be faced with a new danger, which will challenge his ability to keep his oath. Each episodes will feature a new skill that Chen has developed, which will be used to help a friend to escape from the criminal element. As the 13 weeks pass, his friends will return to assist in the prevention of community crime. The friends will join Chin with the building an all-star sports team at the community recreation center, and a successful stage band.

Thanks for reading, your replies are welcome.

ED MacAudio

Jungle Cruise Review

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By ED MacAudio

Gorge yourself with a blissful experience yes, Disney did a fabulous job capturing a dark period in time when the adventurous Conquistadors lust for gold, and glory penetrated the wilds of the Amazon River basin. Although adventure is my thing, my imagination was transfixed on the relationship between Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. These two powerhouse characters captured lighthearted optimism mixed with a dash of mournful glum as they twisted through a mildly romantic relationship resembling the curvature of the Amazon itself.

Here is what I am talking about, Jungle Cruise is a thrilling roller coaster ride which is funny and mesmerizing at the same time. So, grab a couple of boxes of popcorn and a few pounds of your favorite gummies, strap your body to the seat, adjust your cup holder, remember safe distancing, and get into the movie.

What makes this adventure amazing? Here it is, the skills of Director Jaume Collet-Serra. This outstanding film director better known for The Shallows, Unknown, and Orphan expanded the script, and weaved a bustling screen experience with ins and outs, ups and downs that are truly emotionally impactful. Here’s an example: The lively antics of Dwayne Johnson meshed with the frisky, bumbling, congenial actions of Emily Blunt create an interesting entanglement of events. Moreover, please keep a clear eye on the fearless heroics of Jack Whitehall, you will be amused.

Nevertheless, it would not be fair to spoil this gallant, tireless motion picture event but, Paul Giamatti’s nettlesome character gives Frank a run for the money with verbal assaults, malevolent thugs, and a bird. Perhaps, the Cockatoo should have taken center stage with a bit of foul language to add to the babble. Excuse me, don’t get me wrong, I love animals but, the bird must be seen to believe.

Disney is many things, but boring is not on the list. Cultivator of award-winning writers is at the top of the list. Michael Green, Glenn Ficarra and John Requa developed this sparkling screenplay for the world’s family to enjoy together. The most important thing: family experiencing this promising supernatural event at the same time with each other.

 I guarantee, you will not be tapping your fingers on your temple trying to figure out the plot. However, you will raise your eyebrows as Act 1 introduces the cast and outlines the story. Don’t worry, your cheeks will blush as you get comfortable wondering if Frank will get closer to Lily. You might think, could this be a love story in disguise by the middle of act 2.  

On the edge of my seat, Jesse Plemons character appeared to have the upper hand as he entered the jungle fearlessly, apparently fully aware of the mystery. Don’t worry, my drink needed a refill, and my gummies were half gone. Dashing to the food court, grabbing a second round of goodies, I made it back before all hell broke loose.

Another characteristic of this production: Surround sound, the music was mind blowing. James Newton-Howard composed emotional music to fit the journey of the cast. To get really into this experience, it is necessary to give credit to the producers as well, John Davis, Beau Flynn, John Fox, Dany Garcia, Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. All of the elements worked together like melted hot butter on fresh, steaming popcorn. Just take a moment to feel the love dancing on your ear drums.

Overall, the cinematographer Flavio Martinez Labiano, created stunning, exemplary, visual experience for my eyes to taste. The eye candy which captured my mind and took me into the world of Jungle Cruise. Now, I need to charter a flight to the Amazon where I can see this beauty for myself.

And finally, it would not be fair to leave out the editor, Joel Negron who during postproduction pieced the A an B footage together to actually tell the story on the big screen. Bravo!  Could this experience by completed without casting? No!  The casting Directors, Katie Doyle, Tara Feidstein, Juan Pabil Rincon, Marisol Roncali and Mary Vernieu boldly stepped into this project and came up with a tireless cast which performed with mastery.

Inclosing, every time I sit through a film the overdose of gummies, and popcorn gets the best of me. Although I crave, I understand the power of theater. My mind is free to mingle in the land of make believe where Disney molds, fashions, and vigorously expresses the impossible. Awaking from the movie trance, wait a minute. Where did a park my car? Never mind, I think I took an Uber.

Till next time, thanks for reading,

ED MacAudio


BLACK WIDOW Review by ED MacAudio

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Given the importance of drama today, dashing to the movie theater after a long-drawn-out break in lock down, could be a blissful mega event for everyone around the globe. Needless to say, after waiting in line, I spent 20 minutes stuffing my face with soothing, hot buttered popcorn before the film started. I must have missed that smell of steamy fresh move cornels floating through the air tickling my nose.

Nevertheless, I expected to be fully entertained with spine chilling assaults, battles for life, pulverizing explosions, overwhelming chase scenes, foul language, and a plot moving at the speed of light. Please pardon me, I am an action movie junkie enjoying a box of gummy bears and a cold drink.

Let us jump right in. As you might have guessed, I loved this film. Scarlette Johansson (Natasha Romanoff) performed with the power of a young goddess. Johansson’s performance was enhanced by entangling the lead role with her blazing, combating sister Florence Plugh. Moreover, the sizzling interchange perfectly molded by the fantastic directing skills of Cate Shortland caused me to lose track of time while the music composed by Lorne Balfe gave my ears a long-awaited workout in surround.

David Harbour displayed a since of dark humor which complemented the interchange between Rachel Weisz which kept the drama memorable and fresh throughout entirety of the film. The funny moments were carefully balanced and twisted with emotional slams.

The most important challenge: I did not mind the extended movie experience; consider it a gift from the film maker for keeping us waiting so long to experience the big screen again. Conversely, my popcorn was empty halfway through Act two, I had to break for a refill. Upon my return, my attention was held once again in place by the CGI Artist who created a fabulous array of dazzling action scenes causing time to pass without notice. Conversely, the effects were combined with the latest technology to give a seamless design without any signs of displacement in reality. Great Effects! You must see this film to appreciate my enthusiasm.

 Being overwhelmed with excitement, let me take a moment to mention the writers Jac Schaeffer, Ned Benson, and Eric Peason, this outstanding team crafted a vision which molded into a massive dose of dazzling eye candy. I can only imagine the length of the storyboard; it must have taken up 130 ft with sticky notes plastered like a wallpaper mural.

Another exemplary characteristic of this successful screenplay is the unfolding of the images created by the cinematographer, Gabriel Beristain coupled with producer, Kevin Feige. This creative crew unfastened passion for the beauty of thrill in faraway places. Overall, the visual images within each scene dragged my attention deep into the world of Black Widow.

Grinding away through postproduction, it took the bulldozer force of editors, Leigh Folsom Boyd, and Matthew Schmidt to transmit the story precisely for the big screen where Black Widow came to grapple the attention of the audience. Faced by deadlines, articulating the message of passion through pain takes the cooperation of many focused minds with a universal target, the resolution.

As for the post Covid entertainment experience, time does not matter because, the show must go on. Here is my point, while looking closer at the team of cast members, producers, directors, writers, and composers I realized, it takes commitment to develop a twisted action drama into a memorable, family event.  I learned from this film that love is relevant under all conditions.

And finally, I must give the brilliant casting directors a round of applause for assembling a powerful team of performers who created a time warping cinematic event for Marvel’s timeless audience, I cannot wait for the sequel. So, make plans to see this film it will surly break the box office records for 2021.

In closing, if I sit through a film and come out of the theater lost, the experience was a success for the filmmaker. For example, I could not locate my car. Perhaps, my mind was somewhere in Marvel land while my transport was patiently waiting to be located with the panic horn pulsating through the late afternoon air. I found my car after I woke up from the movie trance.  Till next time, thanks for reading.

ED MacAudio


Animated TV Series Preview WGAE #1283063 (c) 2020

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Animation Short for Television


Coevos is not a selfish person, he is drowning in a sea of bills.  Winning the lottery will allow him the opportunity to help rebuild public school’s playground where he works. Coevos loves children, and he will drop everything to help another person. One of the teachers needs to borrow one hundred dollars to repair her car so she can get to work. Coevos loans her his extra cash that was saved for the lottery. Coevos played two dollars he had for the laundry, and won fifty dollars. He gambled, and earned the right to play the game another day. Never give up on a dream.

Coevos Jameston

COEVOS is dreaming, standing on the beach glaring at the sea as the bright sun rises. The alarm Rings. Coevos jumps out of the bed starring at the alarm clock.
THE CAT, old, brown, and loves to meow.
THE BIRD, talks, sings, and loves a make comments on all subjects.
Wow, that was a great dream.
I will to win the lottery
Win, win, when?
I am leaving. I am not going to be late.
Hurry up and win.
Door slams .
Show feet running down the stairs.
Here I go again.

Thanks for reading, more to come