Month: October 2021

“SEE” on APPLE TV, Review by ED MacAudio (c) 2021

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It is not a crime to experience effervescent sensations while enjoying life and celebrating your birth on a warm Sunday afternoon. Alas, the overwhelming ring of the cell phone shatters the peace, it’s my daughter with a cry of urgency; “Dad, watch “SEE” on Apple TV you’ll love”. Click! What about a hello or, a happy b-day? I thought in silence.

Not knowing what to expect from this strange epic adventure my imagination ran wild trying to setup a prelude, to no avail. Consequently, I pondered, what does it mean to fight for your family under the tremendous odds of death?

Perhaps you could take a moment, get comfortable, and imagine with me, an obscure planet where the people within the society’s structure are born without sight. Hearing is keener than the wild deer, smell is developed beyond the wolf’s ability, touch is the corner stone of communication and the window to a dark reality. In this strange world, sight as we know it is useless.

Suddenly, sheltered in the shroud of the darkened woodland, children are being born with vision and hunted as witches by the contumelious, throat slashing Witchfinder General.   Nevertheless, it is time for hot buttered popcorn, and gummies served with a tall, cold, drink. Please excuse me while I setup the snack tray to spy this bit of screen poetry.

Apple put a substantial investment into this project and has produced a gem which exceeds performance goals. With all things considered, Jason Momoa is the headliner in this production exhuming a specular performance which is worth his weight in gold and an Emmy.

Generally, Baba Voss is supporting his family under tremendous odds of sudden death. Although he will not comply or resign to defeat, Jason Momoa is a long way from riding the tides to glory in  Aquaman. Affixed on the passion of his loving wife, Hera Hilmar this caressing couple is the example of family leadership in the dawn of battlements.

If you are looking for a pleasing episodic adventure made for TV, “SEE” will provide an emotional purging experience with moral choices, and probable action sequences propelled to please.

Despite my need for a quite weekend, I ventured into a world created by Steven Knight  not knowing that I would beige on the first season and beg for the second. I scampered through the eight episodes of the first season, dashed to review the material again to uncork the truth. I wondered, could this be Earth in a far-off future? If so, we could learn from this serious, unhinged presentation.

Moreover, the plot has a sequence of events which support the tragedy with artistic craftmanship.  Consequently, I had to ask myself, is blood thicker than sight? You must see for yourself to find the answer.

One of the exemplary characteristics of this work of art is the setting. The action takes place in the ruins of a pulverized society, amplified by cold rock, must and mildew. Large wild animals skittering over the crumbling buildings with battements and blast marks of past wars. Dusty surfaces and wind slipping through openings in the living quarters dominates the view. Trees creaking in the breeze as the dull sun lite cast shadows of gloom creating an air of doom.

Finally, the supporting characters were chosen with care. Each interaction embraces the central question and helps to propel the plot forward with a powerful chemistry. Aristotle would have embraced this episodic adventure with pleasure because it is truly Poetic. I do not want to give away too much, but this production will shed light on the overuse of sight.

Inclusion, relaxing at home and enjoying an adventure on the big screen has proven to be an amazing gift from my wonderful daughter. I would have not known about the blessing of “SEE” if it were not for her glorious insight.

Thank you for being there, till next time.

ED MacAudio