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Justice League (2021) Review, By Ed MacAudio (c) 2021

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Bustling with excitement, my second favorite action-adventure team creeps from the shadows of death, and disorganization to fight on uneven ground only to be irritated by the vigorous power of Ciaran Hinds (Steppenwolf). Although Disney has grabbed Marvel; Warner Brothers, and Director Zack Snyder have opened the way for DC to take Sci-Fi Adventure – Fantasy into a blazing new dimension.

Even as I look back on my old, dusty copies of half read DC comic books, I feel heat from the cover art curling the hair tingling on my back. Feasting my eyes on the hues, and shades of darkness which have come alive on the big screen as Justice League 2021 , I know something deadly is coming. The echoes of past DC discoveries amplifies my breathing as I nestle in this robust, soft chair.

Are you ready for this? Wait, stock up three boxes of piping hot popcorn, gummies, a big drink, and join me for a trip to my world of big screen entertainment and madness.  let’s jump right in. Specifically, the adventure held my impenetrable attention for a whopping, 242 minutes. Nevertheless, my mind did not waver from the task.

Emerging from the depths of impenetrable darkness, and throbbing pain, a team of befuddled heroes struggles to keep the world of Gotham City alive. After a brief view of a mangled past, Ben Affleck (Batman) arises to the task of climbing high stakes, and piles of broken ice to locate the narrow walkways where Jason Momoa (Aquaman) resides, with a lost interest in humanity, confined by a flock young women, Aquaman cannot vacate his latest love. In need of help, to no avail, Bruce Wayne obsesses; wanting the situation to be resolved.

I must apologize, you need to see for your self these twisted disciples of mayhem who have returned to give evil a run for the money.

From the start of chapter one, the glum, despair and smell of rotten wormwood filled the darkened horizon.  Suddenly, the gorgeous, stylish, radiant Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) sets the tone of hope by delivering a fantastic, breath-taking beating to a crooked, faded crew of outcast without breaking a sweat.

Chapters 2 and 3 allowed my imitation to take a trip into the snazzy world of Amazonian Super Women. Needless to say, I would love to visit Amazonia in person. Gazing off at nothing, it took a moment to unwrap my attention from those well-balanced goddesses lead by the lovely Connie Nielsen (Queen Hippolyta). After getting my grip, it became clear; the writers Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, Zack Snyder, Chris Terrio, Gardner Fox, Bob Kane, Bill Finger, William Moulton, and Will Beall brainstormed a multitude of ideas which produced a monstrous, big screen event engineered to put a face on the forgotten marble stone monuments of the past. Great story weaving!

Although, I truly admired the power goddesses; Ray Fisher (Cyborg) performed, and put a freshness to the role of a half human machine who becomes a sophisticated, loving, integral player in saving the world. Basically, the android dude is a shocking, perfect fit for Justice League 2021.

Of course, Ezra Miller (The Flash) is someone who has a fiery passion for speed. This amazing high-voltage hero has an appetite for well groomed ladies in destress, finds his freedom beyond the speed of light; he could probably outrun the Starship Enterprise just for love.

Moving along, restless over a failed past, hailing from the abandoned, cobwedded corridors of time; the villain (Steppenwolf), and his band of bloody, careless killers test their resolve against the fabulous Justice League with tremendous effort.

Grappling with time, the unyielding engineering skills of Jeremy Irons could not hold back the impending doom. With a whispery voice, and elevated heartbeat he points the way to gloom. Given the importance of the cycles of life, is it possible to fix a broken superhero? Here is what I am talking about.

Henry Cavill (Superman) needs to evolve. Darkness resides in everyone. No chicken clucking or, cows lowing, Superman has abandoned his farm and the world of the living. Naturally, it would take a power greater than death to give Clark Kent a chance to redeem himself. Superman’s return is hard-and-fast.

Tenderly, choked up with the lonesome grief of lost love Amy Adams (Lois Lane) has the power to unmask the lost soul of Clark Kent.

Allow me to point out, Patrick Tatopoulos created a production design which embraces the welcomed return of a tarnished superhero. From crumbling soil to dying crops, the tarnished, old farmhouse stands erect in the shadow of Gotham City.

Fabian Wagner pushed the limits with superb cinematography which captured the darkness of a dying world. The visuals are superb dishes for the eyes to taste.

Given the importance of music, Junkie XL fashioned a music bed with tight emotional timbers designed for the grimness of evolution. Needless to say, everything works in this superbly edited screenplay including the CGI.

And finally, pulverizing my empty boxes of popcorn, the gummies are left to give my jaws a workout while pulling the stuck corn from between my chipped teeth.

Alas, chapters 4 and 5 bring new hope to the never-ending story of evil. Anticipating success, the amazing team of superheroes organize a plan to put an end to the relentless terror dealers from the hollows of hell.

To conclude, chapter 6 guts out the horde of demons, and sparks a little light on what to expect in the future from the Justice League. After scooping out of my seat, I found my way to the beginning of a new life adventure.

Try this idea, welcome to Gotham City, where the darkness does not cower or cringe to the light. Nevertheless, you must see this screenplay to experience the healing power light.

Thanks for reading, till next time. Stay safe.

ED MacAudio, the tireless writer.