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Given the importance of drama today, dashing to the movie theater after a long-drawn-out break in lock down, could be a blissful mega event for everyone around the globe. Needless to say, after waiting in line, I spent 20 minutes stuffing my face with soothing, hot buttered popcorn before the film started. I must have missed that smell of steamy fresh move cornels floating through the air tickling my nose.

Nevertheless, I expected to be fully entertained with spine chilling assaults, battles for life, pulverizing explosions, overwhelming chase scenes, foul language, and a plot moving at the speed of light. Please pardon me, I am an action movie junkie enjoying a box of gummy bears and a cold drink.

Let us jump right in. As you might have guessed, I loved this film. Scarlette Johansson (Natasha Romanoff) performed with the power of a young goddess. Johansson’s performance was enhanced by entangling the lead role with her blazing, combating sister Florence Plugh. Moreover, the sizzling interchange perfectly molded by the fantastic directing skills of Cate Shortland caused me to lose track of time while the music composed by Lorne Balfe gave my ears a long-awaited workout in surround.

David Harbour displayed a since of dark humor which complemented the interchange between Rachel Weisz which kept the drama memorable and fresh throughout entirety of the film. The funny moments were carefully balanced and twisted with emotional slams.

The most important challenge: I did not mind the extended movie experience; consider it a gift from the film maker for keeping us waiting so long to experience the big screen again. Conversely, my popcorn was empty halfway through Act two, I had to break for a refill. Upon my return, my attention was held once again in place by the CGI Artist who created a fabulous array of dazzling action scenes causing time to pass without notice. Conversely, the effects were combined with the latest technology to give a seamless design without any signs of displacement in reality. Great Effects! You must see this film to appreciate my enthusiasm.

 Being overwhelmed with excitement, let me take a moment to mention the writers Jac Schaeffer, Ned Benson, and Eric Peason, this outstanding team crafted a vision which molded into a massive dose of dazzling eye candy. I can only imagine the length of the storyboard; it must have taken up 130 ft with sticky notes plastered like a wallpaper mural.

Another exemplary characteristic of this successful screenplay is the unfolding of the images created by the cinematographer, Gabriel Beristain coupled with producer, Kevin Feige. This creative crew unfastened passion for the beauty of thrill in faraway places. Overall, the visual images within each scene dragged my attention deep into the world of Black Widow.

Grinding away through postproduction, it took the bulldozer force of editors, Leigh Folsom Boyd, and Matthew Schmidt to transmit the story precisely for the big screen where Black Widow came to grapple the attention of the audience. Faced by deadlines, articulating the message of passion through pain takes the cooperation of many focused minds with a universal target, the resolution.

As for the post Covid entertainment experience, time does not matter because, the show must go on. Here is my point, while looking closer at the team of cast members, producers, directors, writers, and composers I realized, it takes commitment to develop a twisted action drama into a memorable, family event.  I learned from this film that love is relevant under all conditions.

And finally, I must give the brilliant casting directors a round of applause for assembling a powerful team of performers who created a time warping cinematic event for Marvel’s timeless audience, I cannot wait for the sequel. So, make plans to see this film it will surly break the box office records for 2021.

In closing, if I sit through a film and come out of the theater lost, the experience was a success for the filmmaker. For example, I could not locate my car. Perhaps, my mind was somewhere in Marvel land while my transport was patiently waiting to be located with the panic horn pulsating through the late afternoon air. I found my car after I woke up from the movie trance.  Till next time, thanks for reading.

ED MacAudio


11 thoughts on “BLACK WIDOW Review by ED MacAudio

    beetleypete said:
    August 30, 2021 at 8:33 am

    I don’t watch Marvel franchise films, but thanks very much for following my blog.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      edmacaudio said:
      August 30, 2021 at 9:28 pm

      Following your blog is a Blessing. Thank you for sharing on WordPress.

    Donna Vitalie said:
    September 1, 2021 at 2:27 am

    The theater experience post-COVID is satisfying and yet odd! I watched a movie for the first time about a month ago, and I was literally the only person in the theater. I felt like I was watching a private screening! And returning to the movie popcorn was a very welcome and enjoyable experience.

      edmacaudio said:
      September 1, 2021 at 8:41 pm

      Perhaps, we are experiencing the future of theater entertainment. Honestly, I do not mind the private screening atmosphere but, the popcorn must be hot and tasty. Thanks, Your commits are a Blessing, and always welcome.

    Fairy Queen said:
    September 7, 2021 at 10:09 pm

    I don’t particularly like Marvel movies, on the contrary I love the cosplay version only supereoi, for which I have a fetish (in particular the masks) but your review intrigued me. Scarlett Johanson is not even one of my favorite actresses but you seem to talk about it with a lot of enthusiasm, maybe you have a soft spot for her, and so, well, in the end I think I will see this too, as I have seen all the other Marvel movies (not for my choice). I wish you a goodnight, here in Italy it is 0:08 a. m. maybe it’s day with you. Anyway, I wanted to say hello and thank you for coming by. 😉

    Fairy Queen said:
    September 7, 2021 at 10:15 pm

    Mamma Mia, with me you are really helpless. I don’t even like Disney movies but The Rock puts a lot of energy into everything it does and I’ve seen this movie and well, I really like adventure, because I have an adventurous girl. I hope you will put on the action movies, since you said you like them a lot. Then I wanted to tell you that your management and data mining posts would have more readers if you linked them on LinkedIn. I don’t know if you are already a user of this site but your posts deserve more visibility by professional people in the sector. 😉

      edmacaudio said:
      September 8, 2021 at 9:31 pm

      Thank you for your Blessings, your thoughts are always welcome. You are correct, LinkedIn is a possible gateway to more readers who are interested in data research.

    Oh, the Places We See said:
    September 13, 2021 at 9:25 pm

    Thanks for this comprehensive and packed-with-info review. We haven’t returned to theatres yet, but are itching to do so! Thanks, too, for following Oh, the Places We See. Somehow, we’re going to keep traveling even if it’s the two of us in Subaru on the roads of the good ol’ US of A.

      edmacaudio said:
      September 13, 2021 at 9:33 pm

      It is a Blessing to follow you around the world, your comments are my fuel to keep the fire of writing, and sharing alive. Thank you for being there.

        Oh, the Places We See said:
        September 13, 2021 at 11:56 pm

        And thank you for helping us sort through the volume of things coming our way. We can’t know it all or read it all, so reviewers like yourself make a huge difference. All the best!

    joylennick said:
    September 29, 2021 at 10:40 am

    What a great character you are, sir! So enthusiastic and alive. To be applauded – and how thorough you are to elaborate on all those involved in producing good films. Many thanks for wading through my, mostly tamer, writing..No car chases or plane crashes…Perhaps it’s my age, but I’ve seen it and have the t-shirt, and in my advanced years – while still appreciating all good art forms and accompanied music, though less on the frantic side, I appreciate a good laugh via comedy more than ever! PS I still quite like popcorn! Cheers. x …

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