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Digital Marketing enhanced by Nielsen Ratings:

The purpose of this review is to report the findings from a recent Nielsen rating experiment in which Twitter was the center of attention.

Brian Steler’s Article released by the New York Times is intended to alert the entertainment industry to the possible uses of the Twitter platform for target marketing. The article is developed around Twitter messaging and the definition of the “Unique Audience” who view Twitter post.

This article gives insight in to the continued development of new ways to measure consumer behavior on the web. The control group in this case is the user with an active Twitter account. The question is how many viewers who watched the season premiere of “Gray’s Anatomy” last month were influenced by Twitter post? Nielsen believes that Twitter data can be used to determine how popular a TV Broadcast event is by looking at the Twitter messages.

By labeling the Twitter user as a “Unique Audience” based on posts and the actual reach provided by the post is not fully understood. The reliability of the data will determine the credibility of the Nielsen measuring process. There has been previous research that has found that “Twitter activity sometimes spurs viewership”.

Social Guide is a new product which will be used to evaluate Twitter data used for marketing. There is some skepticism surrounding the use of Twitter massages for TV ratings. “Ed Keller”, CEO of the Keller Fay Group believes that word of mouth is still the best way to market.

I have a positive opinion concerning this article. When the data collection process is perfected Nielsen the industry will have a powerful tool for online marketers in the entertainment business. Of course social media is the modern gateway for success in marketing products. With the internet expanding and advancing software daily around the World, Twitter is the leader in social media messaging. Why not use this tool to gauge the rise of a hit TV show or Artist?

To conclude, the future of marketing will continue to evolve with help from Nielsen. How we use this new data collection tool is just starting to formulate in the mind of the entertainment business leaders.

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