Month: December 2013

A&R Executive Searching for the Next Hot Artist With a Hit Mix Tape

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It was Saturday October 26th,2013 I got a lead on a Talent Showcasebeing held in Central Florida. I got excited packed up the laptop grabbed my hunting cap,jumped into my black pickup. Heading west on  Hwy.50 destination Wendy’s parking lot on Hwy 436. It is an open air jam which turned out to be a jamming live concert with eleven talented Artist looking for a hard earned break. Well I represented Mac Audio and I was met with a warm welcome. This is a major step in building my artist network.


The first person I met turned out to be the person who posted the lead on a community board. RJ and J.Hilton of SAY It AUDIO  pulled this massive event together in Wendy’s parking lot. I was granted full access and I used my time wisely. After the sound check I spoke with an Artist/writer know as

 SNAP  GANG . This hard working Artist has a smooth voice,natural lyrics great personality and is a marketable brand in Hip Hop. He is willing to keep working hard because it is a labor of love. Between sets I spent some quality time with DJ David THE MASTER,He turned the set out with samples from his own recorded mixes and pleased the audience. Next Marcel Tega . 

A star studded smooth Rap/Hip Hop/Writer who is a Film student he performed. His laid Back approach matches is cool lyrics and original sound. A band walked up and said they would like to perform. These guys are seniors in high school, EDEN they picked up the instruments, played three songs and rocked the lot.

They were just passing by heading up the street to a night club to gig.Sounds like a movie pitch, I was impressed,Yes they will be back every two weeks to support the production. I paid close attention to the House Band

To my surprise they did not know each other. This trio just started jamming , they stayed and backed up who ever needed a rhythm section. They jelled together like a family. Dillon A solo folk /Punk rocker with hard core lyrics stepped to the mic and plowed through six tracks which I must admit, he is on track for full production development. There were three spoken word acts which held the attention of the audience between acts which were noted in my log. A rocker from UCF pulled up jumped out of his car with two other members ,Shane, Chris, and female drummer jumped on the set and blazed through six tracks taken from their CD which hits the market in December 2013. Alexx Castro is a talented musician/ producer who played three instruments and performed this original tracks to perfection, this artist loves his work. The Artist Purple Kloud  stood out with his acoustic punk rock/rap style, his lyrics are dynamic and fresh. His personal appearance is  electric and industry ready. A DJ from the south pacific islands of Hawaii performed a great old school mix.


It was a great performance, all of the Artists and stage crew worked hard and well together. It was a pleasure to scout for Mac Audio and come back with the gold. Lastly I have to give thanks to RJ and his partner for working with ED Mac Audio A&R Exec. to make this project a success and we will be working together to present a full mix tape including all of the Raw talent in the near future, this is a business effort.